Sally and Anne Test

This simple test to find out if children have Theory of Mind was made by a well-known researcher named Uta Frith in 1996.

Passing or failing this test will not give you any conclusion whether your child has Asperger Syndrome or not!

For a diagnosis always seek medical advice!



In order to get the test right, the child has to be able to put itself in the shoes of Sally.

Sally does not know the ball has been replaced and the right answer of the test will have to be: Sally will search for the ball in the basket.

Children with Asperger generally will say: Sally will find the ball in the box because that is where it is!

In spite of the necessity to change perspective 20% of children with Asperger will give the right answer: sally will search the ball in the basket.

Most children with Asperger can answer this right when they are older and more experienced.

Children without Asperger Syndrome will have no trouble giving the right answer: Sally will search the ball in the basket.

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