Mother's Day

by Ally
(New Zealand)

This year at school my 9 yr old son, who I have had diagnosed 2 months ago, made me a card for Mother's Day. At the time we were on the assessment wait list. The Teacher started off the card with the words "Mum you are special because..."
The children were then to add in why they thought their Mum was special. My son wrote "Mum you are nice. you have green eyes like a piece of paper. Your hair is straight like a window. I love you Mum to the sun and back."
I had to cover my mouth as to not laugh, very interesting way to describe me. I thanked him and told him I loved it, then asked permission to have a hug, he nodded, turned around then backed into me so i could have a rare loving moment with my boy who I basically diagnosed myself. I had never heard of Aspergers and found out about the condition researching special needs last year, jaw dropping moment when I read the symptoms "that's my child!!" I exclaimed out loud. I am so proud of this little person I am getting to know and I am happy that he is embracing his new identity so quickly. He is a much happier kid now that he understands who he is.

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