It Ain't Nothing but a Thang

by Don
(Ranger, GA)

I'm 53 years old and in the last few years all the media attention on Asperger's has lead me to the firm belief that I suffer from this condition. According to the psychiatrist I spoke with I've adapted so well that I have 'overcome' most symptoms of this condition. I knew from a early age I was a bit differ but could never put my finger on what the difference was. I have been tested by Mensa and offered a membership when my IQ was revealed to be 138. I am not a member, one of my quirks is, I don't join much of anything.
I do have 3 A.S. degrees in Science and am a Green Beret. I personally believe autism is evolution at work, I have terrible social skills but my mental abilities for outweigh those loses.

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