Asperger Symptoms

Asperger symptoms are not the same for every child or adult with this diagnosis. Aspies are all different people with their own unique set of characteristics. However they do have some of them in common.

Some Asperger symptoms are:

1. Socially and emotionally inappropriate behavior

2. Limited interests or preoccupation with a subject

3. Repetitive behaviors or rituals;

4. Peculiarities in speech and language;

5. Problems with nonverbal communication

6. Lack of empathy

7. Clumsy and uncoordinated motor movements

8. Inflexibility or rigid thinking

9. Fear of changes; sameness in daily routines

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Triad of impairments

A researcher named Lorna Wing has established a breakthrough in the search for typical Asperger characteristics. Together with her colleagues, she found out all the children in her research group had each of the following three typical Asperger symptoms:

1. An impairment in social interaction ;such as being unable to make friends in your peer group.

2. An impairment in communication ; both verbal as well as non-verbal

3. An impairment in social imagination ;combined with inflexible thinking and repetitive behavior

So in other words, people with Aspergers have a lack in social interaction, they have poor communication and lack of imagination. These are the most obvious Asperger symptoms. Not one of them or two out of three: they always come together. There is no random combination possible, one can not be there without the others.

This is why it is called the triad of impairments. This triad has a huge impact on every aspect of life when you are diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome.

Limited interests or preoccupation

One of the Asperger signs can be the limitation or preoccupation with subjects or interest can be obsessive as well as intense. Offcourse being all individuals there are different subjects of interest but some common interests are trains, planes, space craft, dinosaurs, astronomy, science fiction, math or computers. Normal children may have these interests too but children with Asperger syndrome have a very unusual intensity that goes with it. They seem to be focussed on memorizing facts rather than understanding the real issue they love so much. Their outstanding memory and focus on details and their inability to see the bigger picture helps them to be seen as “little professors” in their field of interest.

Delayed Motor movements

Children with Asperger syndrome may have a delay in their development of motor skills. Tying shoelaces, learning how to swim, catching a ball or ride a bike without the training wheels can be very hard for them to do. Sometimes they show a strange way of walking or display compulsive movements of their hands, fingers or legs such as tics.

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