Gluten-Free/Casein-Free Diet:

To add some very simple diet restrictions in the life of those with Asperger can make a huge difference. Research has shown children with autism spectrum disorders such as Asperger syndrome experience gasto-intestinal problems like reflux, hiccups, vomiting or bowl problems like diarrhea or constipation.

Kids or adults with autism may have trouble breaking down the proteins found in wheat, rye, oats, barley and dairy products. These proteins are not broken down completely in their bodies but their structures remain after eating those proteins. These structures are broken down into opiate-like activity which will affect the central nervous system. This can cause to be addictive and that’s why most children with Asperger have a graving for exactly those products: milk and wheat! It is known to put the brain to sleep, impair cognition, cause sleeping problems, huge appetite or symptoms like: hyperactivity, anger tantrums, red cheeks or ears, dry skin, runny noses, headaches, behavioral problems or outbursts of aggression.

Some children with Asperger have changed dramatically when they were taken off wheat and dairy products. It’s important to restrict their diet for a while and see if their behavior is changing. I know I had some great results with my own son. I believe it is a very simple thing to do and you could start today!

How to get started?

All this information about diet restrictions for those with Asperger can be overwhelming but there is no need to feel this way at all.

It is very simple: all you have to do it make a choice between either gluten or casein and eliminate one of them from your diet today. If you choose dairy products you may see results a lot faster than when you choose products with gluten. It might take up to 6 months to eliminate all gluten and remaining gluten structures from the body. If you see results after eliminating just one of the two you can stop there, if you are willing to take it all the way you can do both for a while and see what happens. I have read some amazing stories from parents who stayed on the restricted diet for as long as 10 months before gradually reintroducing a limited number of wheat products again and never saw the troubled behaviour or other symptoms return into their child.

It could work for you too!

The easiest way (for me) was to restrict my sons diet from all dairy products. That was the choice I made to start with. I found myself going to the supermarket and spending a lot of time reading all the food labels looking for anything which said casein, milk or dairy in it and simple did not buy it anymore. Yes you will have to check every food label but the result is worth it! My son’s hyperactivity disappeared all together which has made a huge improvement on his behaviour in school. His grades went up because he was able to focus more. His anger management problems diminished. The quality of our family life at home has changed dramatically because of this. I can truly recommend anybody to give diet restrictions a try. Gluten free or dairy cookbooks (or both)are out there on the market for a long time and there is lots and lots of information and support groups on the internet.

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