ADD in Asperger Syndrome

ADD stands for Attention Deficit Disorder, a condition that may go unnoticed for years. The main symptoms are: poor self-regulation, poor attention span and big trouble keeping the mind focused on one thing only. The mind of an individual with ADD will be chaotic and they have trouble verbalizing their most inner thoughts which will diminish their spontaneous responses. Restlessness is one of the symptoms too. Children or adults with ADD are unable to sit still. They have to wiggle their toes or feet all the time. Those kids who are extremely silent and go unnoticed in a group of people might be struggling with this condition.

The mind of someone with ADD is unwillingly tuning out and makes them miss out on important information or be disconnected during conversations. They will struggle to stay tuned into a conversation and mostly will become more and more silent due to their inability to focus on what has been said. People with ADD are struggling to get their work or tasks organized or finished and get bored easily. Their undivided attention will be present to activities or subjects they enjoy. In those cases they can be extremely focused.

Unfair labelling

Many people are convinced ADD does not exist at all. The symptoms and characteristics of ADD are interpreted in a negative way. People with ADD are labelled as being lazy, uninterested, daydreamers with lack of respect for others and lack of effort. They are simply told to “try harder” or “start doing their best”. Their forgetfulness or absent mindedness is explained as deliberate or them being sloppy. None of this is the case. Telling them to do their best or take action is like telling a blind man he should “try harder ”to see. I can assure you although it may seem like laziness, their struggle to keep up with all expectation can be very painful and most of the time very stressful. It takes a lot of energy.

Most spouses of people with ADD complain their partner comes home from work and is exhausted and unable to contribute to family life. All their energy has gone into making it through their work day and at the end of it there is not much left.

Managing Daily Life

• Forgetting appointments or being late for meetings all the time

• Difficulty with planning their (home)work

• Inability to prioritize the task that lay ahead of them

• Postponing everything

• Inconsistency between what they say they will do and what they actually do

• Difficulty with writing reports or papers

• Overwhelmed by everything they have to get done

• Difficulty following instructions or finishing tasks

• Poor sense of time and timing

The Asperger ADD Combination

When you have Asperger you feel the need for a structured life but when ADD is added to that life you will have trouble getting organized or structured by yourself.Prioritizing your work can be especially hard because off the difficulty separating the more important matters from the unimportant details. Even when the Asperger traits like poor communication are taken into consideration and instructions are given direct and straight to the point, the combination of these two disorders will make it hard to follow them.

The ADD symptoms can make life with Asperger more complicated. Treatment for ADD is available in the form of medication and therapy and has shown good results. The best thing one can do is to organize life very strict with set rules and regulations. You might considering getting support from a coach who can get family life more organized. Parents can team up with school and ask them to teach their child a solid homework approach which can be used at home as well.

Positive sides of ADD

Most individuals with ADD are creative, intelligent and sensitive people. They are charming and fun people to be around with. Their high intelligence makes it possible for them to be high achievers despite this disorder. Once they are interested in a particular subject their energy will go up and sometimes even hyper focus can occur.Their enthusiasm can be strong.

Look for the good things your child does during the day and give it many compliments. Support his or her ideas and be open to their creativity. Help them start or setup projects and encourage them along the way to finish them. Make sure they can get help from you in a positive way whenever they get stuck. This way you will be able to allow them to get the most out of their life.

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