Asperger Syndrome: Everything you always wanted to know!

Learning more about the ins and outs of Asperger Syndrome is the best you can do if you know someone who has been diagnosed. You are better equipped to deal with their anger tantrums, typical behaviors, anxiety and need for control if you understand WHY they act like they do.

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What you can do today

In order to grasp the intensity of Asperger Syndrome, you as a parent or spouse have to learn to see and recognize their characteristics. It’s crucial to learn to communicate in a different way.

Reading books written by those with autism spectrum disorders has helped me to learn how to speak "autistic". This has changed the relationship with my son completely. I wish you could see him now, 7 years after his diagnosis. He has learned and achieved so many things I never thought would be possible.He still has Asperger’s and will never be cured because it is a lifelong condition. Speaking to him openly about it made him aware of his strong points and his challenges. And that openness has helped my son to accept and love himself for who he is. He is now a lively 15 year old with good grades in school, a great sense of humor and lots of potential for his future.


I made some changes in the way I communicated with him and it had a huge impact on his behavior: It improved dramatically!

I provided our family life with more structure and routines.

I made schedules with clocks as visual aids and put those up in our house.

I started to prepare him upfront for field trips, family outings and holidays.

I made strict rules in our house and we stuck to those rules; no matter what.

I tried to focus on his strong points instead of his weaknesses.

Asperger Syndrome Behavior
What is typical Asperger Syndrome behavior and how do those with Asperger Syndrome relate to other people such as spouses, siblings and friends?
Asperger Syndrome Diagnosis
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Asperger Symptoms
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Asperger in School
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Free download
Free download
Asperger Complications
asperger complications: a long list of disorders that appear together with Asperger Syndrome
Theory of Mind
Theory of mind is the capacity to understand what other people know, think or feel. This is hard for those with Asperger Syndrome and will effect their behavior in many ways.
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorders are five separate disorders each with their own criteria in the DSM IV manual except for PDD-NOS.
Nutrition and Asperger Syndrome
Nutrition is a key element in your health. Find out what you can do to help those with Asperger feel a whole lot better!
Autism Asperger Books
Reading Asperger books has taught me how to speak “autistic”. By educating myself on Asperger I created a better world for my son!
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DVD's or documentaries on asperger or autism
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